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  1. Zulkitaur 2 years ago

    Hello anyone else wanting to get naked?

  2. Tojajind 2 years ago

    Interesting - years ago I used to think "oh wow he's really so into me if he can't get close without exploding!" but more recently I've changed and thought "if he can't even last a few minutes before his water breaks, what's the point in him?"

  3. Shagor 2 years ago

    That's very true. They use a lot of Queen Songs in movies.

  4. Kek
    Kek 2 years ago

    Did you even try the links at the bottom of the page? They all lead to a quarterly report released by the DOJ. Clicking on the big blue square get's you into it. You can't miss it.

  5. Gojora
    Gojora 2 years ago

    Front Mission 3 was pretty good, although I hated the ps2 graphics. I'd like to see a new FM on a modern system, but with the original turn based strategy gameplay.

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