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  1. Doukasa 2 years ago

    Gracias x aceptar estas hermosa como los puedo contactar? saludos

  2. Mizil 2 years ago

    The most interesting thing for me to watch going forward is to see how Newsom attempts to govern. He'd probably never admit it but he has to be thankful for Trump because he's the glue holding everything together. Pretty much the only thing everyone agrees on is that he's the worst. This same election saw rent control crash and burn the YIMBYs get crushed in the Bay Area (to show two examples so I don't think a wave of progressive legislation is headed our way. Newsom has said he supports rent control and would push the issue once he's in office so I'm sure some interest groups will be watching him very closely on that. Also, 2020 will have a partial repeal of Prop 13 on the ballot and battle lines are already being drawn over that fight.

  3. Tojataur 2 years ago

    Sure send me her pics

  4. Fauk
    Fauk 2 years ago

    Valeu por aceitar! espero que podemos fazer boas amizades!

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