Carry on barbara boob


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  1. Fekazahn 1 year ago

    Hmm...I don't know that it's possible to remove the stigma. For a long time I took in troubled teens. They were raised on an open anti-shame society and yet were still embarrassed and secretive about unplanned pregnancies and STDs.

  2. Dailar
    Dailar 1 year ago

    She looks like a slightly chubbier version of my neighbor

  3. Tygosar
    Tygosar 1 year ago

    Female sexbot?

  4. Akill
    Akill 1 year ago

    Personally I think that looking for planets capable of sustaining life should be a priority. Going into space in the very first place was always just a dick-measuring contest inbetween the Ҙ and Russia, but as the extent of harm done to the environment by mankind's activities becomes apparent and particularly with a denier of manmade climate switch in the Milky Building there's a serious case to be made in favour of finding a 'lifeboat planet.

  5. Tagrel 1 year ago

    me ranjeed display bob

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